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OS Max

OS Max Custom modified to you needs
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B. O.S. .18 TZ (P) Turbo With 11K Slide Carburetor

Price : $300.00

This is the O.S. Max 18TZ Turbo Engine with Pilot Shaft and 3 needle 11K Slide Valve Carburetor. Ideal for on-road touring cars. FEATURES: Oversize case fins dissipate heat to keep engine temperatures lower Five port cylinder liner for increased air flow 12mm rear bearing lessens vibration and allows engine to handle more torque Slide valve, three needle 11K carburetor designed for on-road vehicles Super-hot turbo P3 glow plug for more power and improved fuel economy Rear exhaust, round port design Two-piece head design (inner head or head button and outer head) INCLUDES: One 18TZ turbo engine with pilot shaft, 11K slide valve carburetor, P3 glow plug, exhaust seal o-ring and instruction manual REQUIRES: Muffler (exhaust system) depending on vehicle Starting equipment Fuel: 5% - 20% nitromethane content Most of the fuels we carry meet or exceed the lubricant content required for maximum engine performance and long life. In the past conventional lubricant content used in fuel was 18%. But with new advanced technologies, fuels like Red Alert and O'Donnell have a better quality of lubricants even thought the percentages of lubricant content are lower. These high tech lubricants provide exceptional cooling and protection. SPECS: Displacement: 0.183 cu in (3.0cc) Bore: 0.629" (16.0mm) Stroke: 0.590" (15.0mm) Practical RPM: 3,000-34,000 Output: 1.8ps @ 29,000 RPM Weight: 7.8oz (222g) Distance between mounting holes same side: 0.43" (11mm) Distance between mounting holes opposite side: 1.2" (31.4mm) Distance from end of crankshaft to front bearing: 1.16" (29.5mm) Distance from center of engine to front of crankcase: 1.4" (34.8mm) Distance/bottom of mounting flanges/top of cylinder head:3.2"(81.2mm) Width of mounting flanges: 1.5" (39mm) Length of exhaust flange: 0.24" (6mm)

O.S. Speed .21 XZ-B Speed

Price : $550.00

SPECIFICATIONS Stock number: OSMG2051 Displacement: 0.21 cu in (3.5 cc) Bore: 0.6 in (16.3 mm) Stroke: 0.7 in (16.8 mm) Practical rpm: 4,000-40,000 Output: 2.56 hp @ 34,000 rpm Weight: 12.5 oz (355 g) Includes: 21J2(B) carburetor, P3 glow plug, 6.5 mm carb restrictor, exhaust seal and dust cap set Requires: Glow fuel, muffler, tuned pipe and manifold