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THSRP10- Pro Driver Tool Set (10 Tips)

CODE: THSRP10- Pro Driver Tool Set (10

List price: $65.00

Our price : $50.00

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THSRP10- Pro Driver Tool Set (10 Tips). Complete driver set includes aluminum diamondcut handle, 3 Flat head screwdriver tips, 3 Phillips head screwdriver tips and 4 metric hex tips. Tips are mounted on 1/4 driver that will also fit on our THSRP101/S Ratchet set and can also be used on electric power screwdrivers. All tips are hardened steel which makes them very durable.

THSRP120-Tempdriver, Tuning screwdriver /Tempgauge

CODE: THSRP120-Tempdriver

Price : $40.00

THSRP120-Tempdriver 2 in 1 Tuning screwdriver with tempgauge in handle. Can also be used as just a tempgauge with neck or wrist strap. All aluminum for durability.Great for pitting at races, you can temp your engine, flip to other end & adjust carb. No more reaching into all your pockets searching for tools. Instruction: Aim tempdriver probe at center of engine head or engine block, press button to display the surface temperature. You should position it as close as possible for the most accurate reading. Tempdriver can be changed from *C to *F by pressing the switch threw the pin hole on opposite side of LCD. You can use a paper clip or other thin item. To install screwdriver unscrew cover with loop and screw in screwdriver, carefull not to loose batteries. You will then have to switch from *C to *F. Battery replacement: Battery icon on LCD will let you know condition of batteries. When icon starts to flash batteries need replacing. Unscrew cover (loop for strap) and replace the 2 LR44 1.5v cells. Make sure to install cells side out, and screw on cover or screwdriver. Tempdriver will default to *C and have to be switched to *F after this process. Attention-If contact is made with glow plug and engine head at the same time, Tempdriver will default to*C and have to be reset to*F. If this occurs with your engine install rubber probe protector (supplied).