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Latest R&D testing

DRAG HEADS Dual plugs. Projects we are working on at this time. Solving problem on manufactures defaults and after market engine parts.
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High Compression head for standard plug

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I have developed this head so people who want more compression can use this head in any Nova Rossi or RB Concepts engine without detonation. Normal deck height is .024-.026 and we have tested it down to .010 without detonation and using up to 70% Nitro with a hot plug.

TRAXXAS Conical domed turbo piston by RBMod

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I have developed a new piston from the hardest, toughest aluminum known to man. RSA431 Aluminum. Weighs the same but the strength of Titanium. Replacement for the stock traxxas 3.3 piston. Guaranteed not to break.